Thyme leaf - Organic

Category: Herbs
Content weight: 25g

Herb: Organic dried Thyme leaves

Indigenous to the countries surrounding the Mediterranean, it was the Romans who first embraced this herb for cooking and as a flavouring for their alcoholic beverages. This wild variety has much higher volatile oil content than other, more common varieties. Thyme is one of those cooking herbs that is more commonly used in its dried form. Its aroma and taste is pungent, savoury, warming and spicy.

Thyme is used extensively across the world; it is added to soups, sauces, stews and casseroles and to almost any meat dish. Mixed with savory, rosemary, fennel, basil, and lavender flowers to create ‘Herbes de Provence’ thyme is great for providing depth to poultry, meat and vegetable dishes. The Arabic name for thyme is Za’atar; this is confusing, as the same name is used for a famous Middle Eastern blend of spices, in which this herb is mixed with sumac, marjoram, oregano and sesame seeds.

Produce of Bulgaria

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