Sage leaf - Organic

Category: Herbs
Content weight: 25g

Herbs: Organic dried sage leaves

Alternative names: Garden sagecommon sage

Sage is native to the northern Mediterranean coastal areas of southern Europe. The dried leaves work well in the kitchen: many chefs prefer using dried rather than fresh sage. Drying this herb increases its savouriness and bitter, pine-like flavour profile and it should be used in moderation to ensure that it does not overpower your dish.

Sage’s astringent, “grease-cutting” attributes make it a perfect addition to fatty foods such as pork, goose and duck. It will stand up to long cooking times, making it a natural for stewed or braised dishes. Sage goes well with carbohydrates and it is an important ingredient in bread stuffing and dumplings. One teaspoon of dried sage is the equivalent to three teaspoon of chopped fresh leaves.

Produce of Turkey

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