Rosemary leaf - Organic

Category: Herbs
Content weight: 25g

Herb: Organic dried rosemary leaf

Alternative names: Old man

Native to the Mediterranean region, it is believed that the Romans introduced rosemary into Northern Europe: it was certainly being cultivated in Britain before the Norman Conquest. Dried Rosemary has a bitter, astringent taste and is highly aromatic.

Very popular as a flavouring agent and spice, its flavour – although undeniably powerful – will not overpower a meal if matched with other strong flavours like garlic, goat’s cheese or wine. Rosemary tastes excellent in focaccia, and pairs beautifully with pork, roast chicken and as part of a herb crust for lamb. Try it also on a grilled prawns. One teaspoon of dried rosemary is the equivalent to three teaspoons of chopped fresh leaves.

Produce of Morocco

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