Ras El Hanout - Organic

Content weight: 40g

Contains 100% organic herbs and spices: Cumin, Coriander Seeds, Cinnamon Quill, Turmeric Powder, Green Cardamom Pods, Black Peppercorns, Schinus Pink Peppercorns, Cloves, Fennel Seeds, Sea salt, Cayenne Pepper, Nutmeg, Ginger Powder, Rose Petals.

Description & Use: Ras el Hanout, literally “top of the shop”, originates in the souks of Morocco.  There is no definitive recipe, with the list of ingredients ranging from five to fifty. Traditionally, spice merchants create their own secret blends to demonstrate the quality of their products compared to that of other traders.  The more exotic blends are said to have contained belladonna, Spanish fly and even hashish.

Our Ras el Hanout is a subtle blend of fourteen organic spices, including cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cloves and rose petals.  The result is a fragrant blend that adds flavour and aroma to your cooking.  Traditionally used to flavour tagines, soups and couscous, it can also be mixed with olive or rapeseed oil as a marinade for lamb, chicken or vegetables before roasting to provide a new and interesting flavour to your gravy. Our blend contains cayenne that offers a certain heat, so if cooking for 2-4 people, we suggest you use 1-2 teaspoons only in your recipe.

All Pinch spice blends are hand-blended in small batches in our kitchen by the sea in Sussex.

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Recipe - Moroccan lamb and apricot pie

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