Oregano - Organic

Category: Herbs
Content weight: 25g

Herb: Organic dried oregano

Alternative name: Wild marjoram

Oregano and marjoram are both of the Lamiaceae or ‘mint’ family; hence it is often referred to as being a wild variety of marjoram. In the kitchen however the differences are much more distinct, oregano is much more pungent especially when dried, its flavour offering a complex savoury, spicy flavour with a hint of mint.

Its pungent savoury taste profile makes it a favourite ingredient in many Mediterranean dishes, especially Italian food, in which it is a perfect match for tomato based sauces, pizza and pasta dishes. Oregano is also found in moussaka, meat loaf and many vegetable dishes, or mixed with other herbs and spices as a rub in mouth-watering roast beef, lamb and pork recipes.

Produce of Turkey

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