Nigella seed - Organic

Content weight: 60g

Spice: Organic nigella seeds

Alternative names: Kalonji, charnuska

Native to western Asia and southern Europe it is believed that the Romans used nigella seeds as a general condiment. They are often confused with black sesame, black cumin, wild or black onion seeds; many recipes that call for onion seeds actually intend the cook to use nigella seeds. The seeds give off very little aroma and have a distinct pleasantly sharp, nutty, sometimes slightly metallic, dry flavour.

Nigella seeds are mainly used in Middle Eastern and Indian cooking, notably in several northern Indian curry dishes, in Indian naan flatbreads and sprinkled on Turkish pide bread. It is an important ingredient in the Bengali five spice blend panch phoran. Lightly roasting or frying the seeds before adding to recipes helps to reduce their metallic sharpness.

Product of Egypt

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