Mustard (Brown) seed - Organic

Content weight: 74g

Spice: Organic brown mustard seeds

Alternative names: Chinese mustard

Of the four types of mustard seeds – black, yellow, white and brown – this variety originates from Asia. Use of mustard seeds goes back to the beginning of recorded history and is referred to in the Bible as “the greatest among herbs”. The Romans made the seeds into a condiment either by mixing them with unfermented grape seeds, or ‘must’, or by grinding them in the same way that pepper is used today. The difference between the varieties concerns their level of sharpness with black and brown being milder than the white and yellow varieties.

In its native India, brown mustard seeds make up the base of most curries, in which they are fried in oil at the beginning of cooking to release a delectably nutty taste without the heat that usually emerges when mustard come in contact with water. A most versatile spice to have in the kitchen, brown mustard seeds are great with a variety of red meat dishes, roasted vegetables or as a basis to make your own prepared mustards.

Produce of India

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