Herbes de Provence - Organic

Content weight: 40g

Contains 100% organic herbs: Thyme, Basil, Summer savory, Fennel seeds, Marjoram, Lavender flowers, Bayleaves

Description & Use: Herbes de provence is a seasoning blend featuring many of the herbs that grow abundantly in southern France and are used in many of the traditional dishes of that region. 

Used in a marinade or as a dry rub, herbes de Provence is a classic herb blend used to flavour grilled meats, fish and vegetables. Add before or during cooking, introduce a few pinches to a salad vinaigrette or mix with some lovely olive oil to make a fantastic dipping sauce for fresh bread. This blend will infuse your dish with the flavours and aroma of southern France.

All Pinch spice blends are hand blended in small batches in our own kitchen in Hove.

Price: £3.00