Garam Masala - Organic

Content weight: 40g

Contains 100% organic herbs and spices: Cinnamon Quill, Cumin Seeds, Coriander Seeds, Cardamom Seeds, Black Peppercorn, Cloves, Nutmeg, Bayleaves.

Description & Use: Garam (hot mix) masala (spices) is a traditional blend of ground spices common in Indian and South Asian cuisines. Garam masala is not especially spicy, and the ‘hot’ refers to the fact that the spices are toasted before grinding.

Garam masala is common in cookery across the Indian sub-continent, especially in Northern India, where it is used daily. It is added in a small quantity towards the end of cooking or as a condiment after serving to add a subtle flavour to the dish. Differentiated from curry by the lack of chilli heat or the usual base of turmeric, its sweet, warm, pungent flavour affords butter chicken its distinctive taste. Try adding it to stews, casseroles, stir-fried dishes and barbeque marinades.

All Pinch spice blends are hand-blended in small batches in our kitchen by the sea in Sussex.

Price: £3.95