Coriander, Rose and Lemon Salt

Category: Salts
Content weight: 70g

Contains: Sea salt, Rose petals, Coriander seeds, Lemon peel and Rose water

Description and Use: Seasoned salt can be used in place of your usual salt when you want to add and infuse other flavours onto your plate or into your cooking. This combination of rose, coriander and lemon delivers the promise of exotic North Africa cookery. This seasoned salt is  great when added to grilled or baked  fish, chicken, beef, tofu and vegetable dishes.

The salt used in our seasoned salt blends is our gros sel gris which is hand harvested by Lionel Charteau, who has been a paludier – literally one who works in the marshes – in Guérande, north-east France for over fifteen years. Salt harvesting in the region dates back to the 9th century. Lionel supplies salt to Michelin three-starred chefs Michel Troisgros, Alain Passard, and Michel Bras.

Price: £3.95