Guajillo (crushed) chillies

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Content weight: 30g

Spice: Crushed Guajillo chillies

One of the most important chillies used in Mexican cooking, guajillo chillies have a delicate, berry-like flavour. The guajillo’s bright red colour and subtle flavour makes this a useful ingredient when you want to bring colour as well as flavour to your cooking, in a similar way to using paprika, but with some chilli heat.

Use in stews and soups, sprinkle on pizza, use them to add a spicy flavour and colour to your burgers or as a general seasoning to sprinkle over food. Crushed chillies mixed with peppercorns are also great for those wishing to experiment with making their own spiced pepper oils.

Scoville heat rating: 2,500 – 5,000 (mild to medium)

Product of Mexico

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