Cardamom pods (black)

Content weight: 34g

Spice: Black cardamom pods

Alternative names – brown cardamom, Chinese black cardamom, Bengal cardamom

A native of the Himalayan region, black cardamom has a wholly different potency and astringency to its green namesake. Its flavour starts as a mixture of pepper, smoke and caraway moving later in the palate towards camphor and sweet mint. This unique flavour profile is achieved through drying.  Hot air from wood fires is used to hasten this process, turning the pods dark brown and imparting a unique smoky note.

A strong spice like black cardamom needs strong matching flavours, such as cumin and chillies. We recommend combining it with lime juice, the sweet acid characteristics of which will reduce the more medicinal character notes of the pods. Black cardamom works well in many Indian curries like butter chicken, chicken maharani and tandoori dishes. Try adding a single pod to steaming rice to add a wonderful smoky character.

Produce of India

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