Allspice berries - Organic

Content weight: 36g

Spice: Organic allspice berries

Alternative names: Jamaica pepper, myrtle pepper, pimento, pimenta (Spanish)

Probably the first mention of allspice was in the journal of Columbus, who came across it in the Caribbean during his famous 1492 voyage to find a westerly trade route to Asia. The Spanish mistakenly thought the spice to be a peppercorn and gave it the name ‘pimenta’, the Spanish word for pepper. Native to the Caribbean, the allspice berry is mainly grown in Jamaica, Cuba, Guatemala, Honduras and southern Mexico.

Its taste combines the flavour notes of pepper, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg. Used in many sweet recipes for cakes and biscuits, allspice is one of the ingredients of mixed spice. Its mixture of heat and spice also makes for a great ingredient for curries and marinades and, as ‘Jamaican pepper’, it is famously used in jerk rubs for slow roasted meats.

Produce of Guatemala

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