Curry gift box

Content weight: 120g

Gift box complising one packet of each of the following blends: Korma curry, Organic Madras curry and an organic Sri Lankan curry blend gift wrapped for that special occasion.

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Description & Use: Korma curry traces its roots to the royal households of the Mughal empire that spread its influence during the 16th century from Persia into Northern India and what is now modern day Pakistan and Bangladesh. Like so many curries, there is no definitive recipe for korma, but the dish is generally defined as a thick, creamy, light coloured dish with fragrant spices and very little heat (though you may find recipes for hotter, Southern Indian tomato-based versions).

Our korma curry powder blends fragrant cinnamon with poppy and coriander seeds, cardamom, cloves and just a hint of cayenne.  Combine it with yogurt, cream or coconut milk and ground cashews or almonds to create a flavoursome sauce for a vegetable, chicken or lamb curry.

Description & Use: It is widely known that curry powders and blends, are not routinely used in cookery in India.  Notwithstanding this, curry powder has been become a staple ingredient in UK versions of Indian-style food, and are blended with specific regions and cooking styles in mind. 

Our Madras curry powder is a blend of twelve spices bringing together the heat of peppercorns and cayenne with cumin, fenugreek and a selection of sweet spices including cinnamon, cloves and ginger.  The result is a medium strength blend which provides a satisfying heat but with a good complexity of flavour, aroma and colour.  Use it as the basis of a classic curry sauce, or use it as a dry rub for meat before grilling or barbecuing.

Description & Use: Sri Lankan curry spices differ from the Indian variety as a result of more intense toasting of all of the whole spices and chilli before blending.

Our blend is a mix of nine whole organic spices, predominantly fenugreek and coriander seeds with cumin, cassia and cloves for a sweet note and a small amount of fiery birds eye chilli for heat.  Use as the basis for a Sri Lankan-style curry, adding coconut milk to make a creamy, fragrant sauce.

All Pinch spice blends are hand blended in small batches in our own kitchen in Hove.

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