African & Middle Eastern gift box

Content weight: 120g

Gift box complising one packet of each of the following blends: organic Baharat, organic Berbere and organic Ras el Hanout blend gift wrapped for that special occasion.

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Description & Use:The word Baharat translates as ‘spice’ in Arabic and in Turkish it is derived from the word “bahar” meaning pepper. There is no exact recipe for the blend, but it generally includes  black peppercorns.  Baharat is an all-purpose flavour enhancer in Middle Eastern cooking with its balance of sweet cinnamon, cumin and allspice with the more fiery flavours of black peppercorns and paprika.

Use it as a dry rub on lamb before grilling or roasting or in dishes like moussaka and lamb stew. Its value does not stop there: this spice blend also goes well with beef, chicken, fish, and in tomato sauces and soups. Try it sprinkled over salmon before baking or, like garam masala, it can be added as a condiment to a meal after preparation to provide a final flavour blast.

Description and Use: There is no definitive recipe for this Ethiopian blend but all variants combine the distinctive heat of chillies and peppercorns with sweeter spices such as cloves, cinnamon and allspice.  This is a versatile blend that can be used dry as a rub for chicken and other meat before grilling or barbequeing, or combined with onions, garlic and oil to be used like curry paste as the basis for a spicy sauce. 

Our Berbere blend is a mixture of fourteen spices made from toasted, whole organic spices such as cumin, allspice, peppercorns and coriander combined with organic birds eye chillies, and ground organic spices including paprika, ginger and turmeric for flavour and colour.  The result is a a satisfyingly warm blend that brings a curry-like (but not fiery) heat to you cooking.  Berbere spice blend is the basis for the Ethiopian dish “doro wat”, a hearty chicken stew.  Add a couple of teaspoons of the blend to your own chicken stew or casserole after browning chicken, onions and garlic, and before you add either stock or red wine to the pot.

Description & Use: Ras el Hanout, literally “top of the shop”, originates in the souks of Morocco.  There is no definitive recipe, with the list of ingredients ranging from five to fifty. Traditionally spice merchants create their own secret blends as a means of demonstrating the quality of their produce when compared to that of other traders.  The more exotic blends are said to have contained belladonna, Spanish fly and even hashish.

Our Ras el Hanout is a subtle blend of fourteen organic spices, including cumin, coriander, cinammon, cloves and rose petals.  The result is a fragrant blend that adds flavour and aroma to your cooking without heat.  Traditionally used to flavour tagines, soups and couscous, it can also be mixed with olive or rapeseed oil as a marinade for lamb, chicken or vegetables before roasting to provide a new and interesting flavour to your gravy.

All Pinch spice blends are hand blended in small batches in our own kitchen in Hove.

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