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preserved lemons gros sel gris scaled

Preserving lemon using gros sel gris de Guérande

Preserved lemon is a classic ingredient in North African and Middle Eastern cooking, adding a unique citrus taste to tagines and salads.
Smokey BBQ Rub recipe

Oven-baked spare ribs using Organic smokey barbecue sauce

This is real comfort food, best eaten with lots of plain boiled rice and garlic bread to mop up all that lovely sauce!
Sri Lankan chicken curry

Sri Lankan curry with chicken and coconut milk

Sri Lankan curry with chicken and coconut milk
Shichimi Togarashi

Japanese Panko Prawns with Shichimi Togarashi

Panko is a Japanese-style breadcrumb traditionally used as a coating for deep-fried foods such as tonkatsu
Moroccan Shepherds pie

Moroccan shepherds pie and Ras el Hanout

This is a lovely alternative to a traditional shepherds’ pie, using our Organic Ras el Hanout.
Moroccan Lamb and Apricot Pie 2

Moroccan lamb and apricot pie made with Ras el Hanout

Combining a Moroccan influenced tagine with a great British pie!
Beef Tagine3

Tagine of beef with prunes, chickpeas and Ras el Hanout

This is a hearty dish that brings together the fragrance and flavour of ras el hanout and the sweetness of the prunes.
Potted Shrimps

Potted shrimp with organic Quatre Epices

Potted shrimp is a perfect dinner party starter, and a simple get ahead recipe.
Mulled cranberry sauce

Mulled spice cranberry sauce

There’s nothing more impressive than serving homemade cranberry sauce on Christmas day.
Xmas Biscuit scaled

Christmas spiced biscuits made with organic mixed spice blend

This is a really easy recipe and results in some delicious biscuits to serve at a party, give as a gift, or even hang on your Christmas tree. 

Traditional Christmas mincemeat made with organic mixed spice

Don’t let anyone tell you the beginning of December is too late for mincemeat!
Irish Tea Brack

Irish Tea Brack made with organic mixed spice

Like all good traditional recipes, I got this one from my mum
Pumpkin Pie

Spiced pumpkin cake with mascarpone made with organic mixed spice

Whilst making this year’s Halloween pumpkin lantern, why not retain the flesh to make this tasty teatime treat.
Turkey Curry

Turkey Madras curry

Mrs Pinch can’t be the only one looking forward to a bit of turkey curry in the days after Christmas.
Curried Parsnip Soup

Curried parsnip soup made with Korma curry blend

Curried parsnip soup made with our Korma curry spice blend
Salted caramel sauce

Sauce au caramel beurre salé

This is a simple recipe, using just four ingredients with impressive results
Creole stuffed peppers

Creole stuffed peppers (V)

This recipe takes its inspiration from Creole jambalaya, a classic rice dish
Five spice sausage rolls 1

Sausage rolls with apple and Chinese Five Spice

A unique twist to this classic Christmas party food
Berbere salmon recipe

Berbere spicy salmon fillets

This recipe has been kindly provided by local Brighton & Hove food writer, journalist and all-round food enthusiast Charles Nyereyegona
Berbere Spiced Butternut Lentils1

Berbere-spiced lentils with roast butternut squash (V)

Our Organic Berbere spice blend is inspired by the spicy dishes of Ethiopia rather than the milder, often spice-free cooking of the Moroccan Berberes. It’s mixed here with French puy lentils and roast butternut squash to create a wholesome and filling vegetarian dish
Baharat Lamb Kofta

Baharat Lamb kofta kebabs with sumac yoghurt dip

Koftas are a popular dish across the Middle East with variations on the recipe from country to country.