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Peppercorns, Green – Organic


Weight: 34g


Alternative names: green pepper


Green peppercorns are the handpicked peppercorns of the pepper vine that are fully grown but have not yet matured. The enzyme in the outer skin (pericarp) activated by the drying process, turning the peppercorn black – is removed by plunging the green peppercorns into boiling water for 15 minutes. They are then laid out in the sun or in kilns to dry. Once dried, the taste of green peppercorns can be described as having a fresh, sharp, pungent bite to them and a more subtle flavour to their black, white or pink counterparts.

Green peppercorns are particularly pleasing in gravies and white sauces for poultry, red meats and seafood. Terrines and pates are improved by their addition, as are rich foods like pork, duck and game.

Produce of India

Weight 34 g

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