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Peppercorn, White – Organic


Weight: 50g


White peppercorns are produced by removing the outer husk of mature peppercorn berries by immersing them in water for two to three weeks. After this initial soaking period they are removed and washed thoroughly to ensure that only the inner white pepper remains; once dried, the peppercorns are smooth and creamy in texture. White peppercorns lack the initial bite and aroma of the green and black varieties but produce a longer, drawn-out heat that lingers on the palate.

White peppercorns are often used in European cooking, especially in French cuisine where they are considered ideal for dishes that call for a peppery bite, but without the strong aroma or dark specks of the black or green peppercorns. It is for aesthetic reasons too that, when ground, they are ideal for the making of white sauces, cream soups or creating peppery mashed potato. The French spice blend quartre epices uses white peppercorn to great effect, blended with nutmeg, ginger and cloves. Use white peppercorn in moderation as its heat can override more subtle ingredients.

Produce of Sri Lanka

Weight 50 g


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