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Sumac Powder – Organic


Weight: 40g


Sumac trees grow wild in the Mediterranean region and across much of the Middle East. Before the discovery and introduction of lemons, ground sumac was used by Romans and Egyptians as a source of citrus flavour in their cooking. Deep burgundy in colour and fruity in aroma, it has a sour, tart taste that is more floral than lemon, but not as sharp as vinegar. Sumac was introduced into Europe by migrants from the Middle East setting up doner kebab shops; they sprinkled sumac over kebabs before cooking and used it on salads as a garnish.

A feature of Middle Eastern and North African dishes, sumac is delicious on roast meats, especially lamb and chicken and is a lovely addition when sprinkled lightly on fish prior to grilling. Mixed with marjoram, oregano, thyme and sesame seeds it is used to create the Middle Eastern spice blend za’atar. Try sprinkling this wonderful ground berry spice on tomatoes or avocado, or add to the cooking liquid of a rice dish – you will not be disappointed.

With 3% salt *

Produce of Turkey

Weight 40 g


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