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Marjoram Leaf – Organic



Weight: 25g

Alternative names: sweet marjoram, knotted marjoram

Native to the Mediterranean region, marjoram was popular in ancient Greece and Egypt from where it was widely exported to Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. A sweeter and milder cousin to oregano, marjoram has a mildly savoury and grassy flavour that, when dried, resembles a mild version of thyme.

Unlike many other herbs, marjoram’s flavour becomes more intensified than its fresh counterpart during the drying process. It is a classic ingredient in many British herb blends with other herbs such as thyme and sage. Marjoram goes particularly well with pork and veal and complements stuffing for poultry. Mix with thyme, rosemary and butter to make garden herb bread.

Produce of Egypt

Weight 25 g


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