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Ginger Root Powder – Organic


Weight: 40g


Alternative names: Geung, sonth

There are no known examples of ginger growing wild.  Early references to its cultivation by Chinese and Hindi scholars suggest that it is native to the area between northern India and eastern Asia. A pungent spice, its taste profile reveals a combination of lemonish zest, peppery heat and herbal sweetness.

One of the most versatile spices, ginger has made its mark on many cuisines around the world including Chinese, Indian, Japanese, South-east Asian, Middle Eastern, Caribbean and British. Ginger powder features in many Indian and Asian curries; in baking it is used to great effect in making gingerbread and biscuits. In medieval England this powdered form was sprinkled over beer, the forbear of our modern day ginger ale and ginger beer.

Produce of India

Weight 40 g


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