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Garlic Bulb Powder – Organic


Weight: 50g


Herb: Organic garlic bulb powder

Garlic is a very popular ingredient with cooks all around the world; it is has been said, rather glibly, that there is not a savoury dish that is not improved by its use. Carrying a powerful, pungent aroma it has a sharp, acrid taste that leaves a slight feeling of heat on the palate. When using the powdered form, remember that one eighth of a teaspoon is the equivalent of one garlic clove.

Used as alternative to fresh garlic, it is especially good mixed with soft butter and spread on hot toast or in garlic bread. Use it to make garlic mayonnaise by adding one teaspoon to a quarter cup of mayonnaise or make easy and tasty garlic mashed potato by adding to the mash just before serving.

Produce of China

Weight 50 g


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