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Cayenne Pepper – Organic



Weight: 40g

Cayenne pepper is thought by many to have taken its name from the capital of French Guiana. Cayenne pepper is made from various hot chillies and not, as its name suggests, from the cayenne pepper alone. 

Cayenne pepper has only a slight discernable aroma, but its potency can be determined by its colour. In general, the less bright red it is, the hotter it will be as it takes its heat from the higher ratio of hot seeds to chilli flesh.

Cayenne Pepper is a favourite chilli amongst South American cooks drawn to its simple ‘clean’ heat, from cajun fried chicken to Mexican tortillas. A versatile chilli choice when making French cheese sauces, Indian rubs to its use in countless rich egg, pastry, meat and seafood dishes. It is also the main ingredient in the American Tabasco ‘brand’ pepper sauce. 

Produce of India

Weight 40 g

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