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Aniseed – Organic



Weight: 50g

Alternative names: anise, white anise and sweet cumin

Thought to have been grown as far back as 1500 BC in Egypt, aniseed is one of the world’s oldest cultivated spices. It is native to the Eastern Mediterranean, Turkey and the Middle East.

With fresh, mildly liquorice and fennel flavour notes, aniseed has been used to make German and Scandinavian bread and Italian biscotti biscuits.  It is also married with tomatoes in classic Italian marinara sauces. Further afield in India aniseed is added to spice-heated vindaloo to soothe the taste buds, or served sugar coated after the meal to aid digestion. Many, though, will come across its flavour in Mediterranean and European alcoholic drinks such as Greek ouzo, French pastis, Pernod, Ricard and Turkish raki.

Produce of Egypt

Weight 50 g


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