About us

Pinch Seasonings was started in the beautiful seaside town of Hove, East Sussex and is run by husband and wife team, Richard and Frances Beasley.  We left our 9 to 5 jobs to pursue our dream of running our own business doing something we love - and we love cooking with spices and herbs! Our inspiration comes from the spice markets and épiceries of the South of France where the wonderful choice of spices, salt and blends encouraged us to get creative in the kitchen.

And so Pinch Seasonings was born. We spent 2011 researching, blending, cooking and eating with friends and family.  We aim to source the best herbs, spices and salt from around the world and create our range of blends to inspire cooks of all levels of ability.  You don’t need to be an expert or have a detailed knowledge of a particular cuisine to recreate great flavours at home.  We have been on a voyage of discovery - we still are - and we hope you will come with us.  

Our herbs, spices and blends are certified organic by the Soil Association (Licence number DA 218723). 

Covid 19

Covid - 19 update . As a family business, we are well placed to keep running through the current crisis with little or no disruption to service. Whilst supplies of organic ingredients may vary due to supply-chain difficulties we are currently coping very well and have adequate stock levels.  We have taken extensive advice and implemented all the recommended measures. Stay well, stay home.


At Pinch Seasonings, we recognise our social responsibility towards reducing our impact on the local and global environment. In our effort to become a more environmentally conscious business we no longer use plastic pots.

From October 2019 we have decided to package our organic herbs, spices and blends in more environmentally friendly Kraft paper pouches. Unlike conventional plastics which are derived from oil, these recyclable pouches are made from paper and board derived from properly managed timber which is a sustainable resource.

About our suppliers

We are keen to work directly with small producers who, like us, are passionate about the quality of their products.  So far we are buying directly from the producers of our sea salt and rapeseed oil.  Click on the photos below to find out more about Lionel and Robert.

Pinch Seasonings salt paludier Lionel Charteau working on the marshes in Brittany marshes